An Adventure for Kids K-5

KidPak partners with parents to lead children into a growing relationship with God. Your kids will enjoy inspired praise and worship, amazing and hilarious performances and an exciting journey through the Bible as God’s word comes to life each week. Join us at 10am on Sundays.  Stay connected by following us on social media!

Current Adventure

You can fly! Soar through the Bible with us this series, and think on these things while finding your happy thought. But watch out for temptations – along with that dark and sinister Hook! A whole world of adventure awaits so set a course for the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. We’re off to Neverland!


KidPak Discovery 

A Journey of Learning for Kids Nursery to Preschool

KidPak Discovery provides a safe, loving and nurturing environment for your nursery-preschool aged children. Foundational Biblical truths are taught using age-appropriate lessons to capture their attention. Join us at 10am on Sundays. Stay connected by following us on social media!