Mondays at 7:00PM
The Fall semester is August 21-November 13, 2023.


School of Discipleship is a life-changing journey that will equip you to fulfill your calling and purpose in Christ. This 2-year certificate program consists of four 12-week phases to help you grow in spiritual maturity. Whether you’ve been a Christian for 30 minutes or 30 years, God will meet you where you are and reveal something new. No matter your age or stage of life, SOD is for you!


*Everyone must start with Phase 1.

Phase 1keyboard_arrow_right

$55 registration fee.
In Phase 1 you will discover who you are in Christ and learn the importance of righteousness in your life.


Phase 2keyboard_arrow_right

$55 registration fee.
In Phase 2 you will overcome the areas of your life that prevent you from experiencing intimacy with Christ.


Phase 3keyboard_arrow_right

$55 registration fee.
In Phase 3 you will develop the character and nature of Christ in your life.


Phase 4keyboard_arrow_right

$55 registration fee.
In Phase 4 you will learn to live with a greater expectation for Christ to work through you.

Mondays at 7:00PM
The Fall semester is August 21-November 13, 2023.


Old Testament Bible Studykeyboard_arrow_right

$50 registration fee.
An engaging and in-depth study of the Old Testament. 

Marriage Enrichment Coursekeyboard_arrow_right

$50 registration fee ($25 Each Partner).
Enrich your marriage with topics ranging from communication to love and respect.

Financial Peacekeyboard_arrow_right

A separate Dave Ramsey Program fee is required.
Learn biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you’ve dreamed you could be in your finances.

Mondays at 7:00PM
The Fall semester is August 21-November 13, 2023.


Celebrate Freedomkeyboard_arrow_right

Celebrate Freedom Workbookkeyboard_arrow_right

$20 workbook fee.
Experience God’s power to break free from dysfunctional habits. Free weekly classes for men and women.

Grief Sharekeyboard_arrow_right

$40 registration fee.
Learn about God’s healing after the loss of a loved one.


$40 registration fee ($20 Each Partner).
Study God’s design for reconnection and resurrection of marriages. 

Divorce Carekeyboard_arrow_right

$40 registration fee.
Learn God’s plan for rebuilding your life after a divorce or separation.

Divorce Care for Kidskeyboard_arrow_right

$40 registration fee per Child.
Tender lives are restored as children heal from the hurt caused by divorce.

Free Chapel+keyboard_arrow_right

An ever-growing library of free online content.

Online Courseskeyboard_arrow_right

Explore and Expand everything you know about God, faith and your purpose!

School of Discipleship Online | Phase 1keyboard_arrow_right

School of Discipleship Online | Phase 2keyboard_arrow_right

School of Discipleship Online | Phase 3keyboard_arrow_right

School of Discipleship Online | Phase 4keyboard_arrow_right

$55 registration fee per phase.
The Online certificate program allows you to work at your own pace on all 4 phases of School of Discipleship in the convenience of your home.