Free Chapel Gainesville

Special Guest Tony Suarez

7:00 PM

Tony Suárez is a sought after speaker, author and serves as the Executive Vice President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, the country’s largest Hispanic Christian organization, serving more than 40,000 congregations in the United States as well as thousands of churches abroad.

Newsmax has named Suarez as one of the 50 most influential Republican Latinos in the United States. Suárez has become a prominent voice within the Evangelical community, a trusted guest speaker, and a sought-after media resource. He is a regular host on TBN and his television program, “Faith Alive,” can be seen daily on Christian television.

Suárez’s new book “The Triumphant Church” (Broadstreet Publishing) examines how from century through century the Christian church has faced off against insurmountable obstacles, yet has continued to thrive. He is also the author of "Use Me Lord,” published in 2012.

Prior to his work with NHCLC, he founded The Pentecostals of Norfolk Church in Virginia in 2007 where he served as Senior Pastor until 2013. During his pastorate, Suarez founded The Norfolk Learning Center in collaboration with Regent University's Youth and Urban Renewal Center. Today, Pastor Tony his wife Jina and their five children reside in Tennessee.