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School of Discipleship is a life changing journey that will equip you to fulfill your calling and purpose in Christ. This 2 year, semester based certificate program consists of four 12-week phases to help you grow in spiritual maturity.

The Online certificate program allows you to work in the convenience of your home while still being a part of a community. Semester breakdown is as follows: Spring/Summer registrations will begin class in the Fall Semester (August), Fall/Winter registrations will begin class in the Spring Semester (January). Current registrations will be for the Fall semester starting on Aug. 21st.

All prices are per person unless otherwise indicated. $5 S/H, $25 International S/H.

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In Phase 1 you will discover who you are in Christ and learn the importance of righteousness in your life.
$55 registration fee.


Phase 2keyboard_arrow_right 

In Phase 2 you will overcome the areas of your life that prevent you from experiencing intimacy with Christ.
$55 registration fee.


Phase 3keyboard_arrow_right 

In Phase 3 you will develop the character and nature of Christ in your life.
$55 registration fee.


Phase 4keyboard_arrow_right

In Phase 4 you will learn to live with a greater expectation for Christ to work through you.
$55 registration fee.

Free Chapel+ is an ever-growing library of free online resources.

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Interactive online courses based on Pastor Franklin's best selling books.


First Steps

Discover your First Steps in faith.


Fear Fighters

Learn to live in confidence and defeat fear.


Spirit of Python

Reclaim a life of passion and purpose.


Right People, Right Place, Right Plan

Unlock your full potential through strategic influence.


Storms of Life

Finding your way in the storm.


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School of Discipleship Online